Marine Base, Quantico

In Quantico, we installed dead-man crash rated swing gates at the fuller road main entrance inspection canopy along with Finial Denial barriers that included fi ve electric RSSI wedge barriers and 16 fi xed DS22 crash rated bollards. The base security manager over Quantico’s Access Control Points (ACP) was highly impressed and has requested us to assist in replacing and installing other perimeter solutions at some of the other entrances.




Project Type

Why we Were perfect for the project

When the initial specs were reviewed by our engineers and design team, we knew our construction and system integration experience would help our company offer the best solution ahead of our competition. To fulfill the request, a security analysis was presented covering the initial challenge. A well-thought-out plan was presented that exceeded expectations. The client put their trust in our hands. We delivered.  The client is happy.  The project turned out beautifully. We stand proud knowing we secured Marine Base Quantico.

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