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$25 Million Grant secured by Congress for pedestrian barriers

IET Systems is an authorized Safety and Security Barriers installer. In order to protect pedestrians from vehicle attacks, congress has established a significant grant as part of the infrastructure investment and jobs act.

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Crash Rated Barriers

A crash rated perimeter using fences, beams, wedges and/ or bollards is a structure specifically designed and constructed to prevent vehicles from penetrating the perimeter of a facility as pedestrian barriers. Large entities such as Military, Commercial, Industrial, Chemical Facilities, and more must implement strict security measures to safeguard their properties and protect the people and assets housed within them. The potential for an unauthorized vehicle entering a secured location and vehicle attacks are a real everyday threats that we can help you prepare for.


For security solutions where crash-rated is needed but smaller budgets may play a factor, crash-rated arms could be the most economical solution while providing the security needed. These arms are designed and installed to protect a facility from dangerous threats and meeting most threat potentials. Most common application for these are entrances and exits where the potential threat speed is under 30mph.


There are many standard fencings available such as steel, aluminum, or chain link. With crash rated fencing, these types of fencing solutions are integrated into a post and cable or beam system to provide vehicle threat protection along with keeping other threats out as well. With crash-rated fencing, the ability to have options for fencing types and ratings allows it to be very flexible to fit any application. 


A Rising Beam Barrier has a rapid deployment rate and remains functional even after a crash, making it an excellent choice for high security access control. It utilizes a hydraulically actuated structural beam that is recessed flush with the roadway when granting vehicle access. It also has a rapid rate of deployment between 3 and 5 seconds and a full guard height of 36”. Installing the rising beam barrier within close proximity to an entry point enables the it to work in tandem with a gate system to control vehicular traffic.


Wedge vehicle barriers are designed for maximum perimeter entry security. These units are crash test certified and are completely flush with the roadway surface when down, requiring no side pillars or above-grade assemblies. You will commonly find these units where the highest security is needed like data centers and military bases for example. Wedges offer a K12/M50 rating which is the highest in the industry, meaning it will stop a vehicle 15,000lbs traveling 50mph. 


When space, site location, or even aesthetics are needed a fixed or automatic bollard may be a good option. Steel bollards are available in a variety of styles such as fixed and retractable but give many options for decorative sleeves. They also have many different crash ratings in order to customize to the required needs.